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    Hello everyone!

    Are there any strategic use for defense bases? I find that they are only useful as a wall to suround your castle, which is kinda lame :(. Might as well call them Defensive Walls. Enemies can just ignore these bases as they can simply directly attack your castle from any directions, disregarding terrain. They would be more useful if you can use them as a landing pad for arks, or provide a defensive bonus to your monstersin tiles within a small range.

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    Hi @romuel816!

    For someone to be able to take your City, they must own territory directly next to your City. Defense Bases have a higher HP, which gives makes it harder for them to acquire the territory, as they need to remove the Defense Base first. You can also send in reinforcements to you Defense Bases to make them even harder to defeat.

    I hope that helps!

  • Id sorrou d that guy with defense bases. Lol

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    Hi all,

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