Introducing: Events!

  • administrators

    Greetings Conquerors,

    A new Map Conquest Event has started today! Take part to unlock 3 Tiers of prizes and win Gold, Silver, Uncommon Tokens, Speed-ups and more. Get a top rank on the leaderboard and you can win even more!

    Head to the Event Board in your City to see active and upcoming events. Events will be happening often, so be sure to check the Event Board regularly!

  • Balls Of Odin

    Hello, Admin! Nice, an event :). If you release and recapture a territory, will you gain points or your point remains the same? If not, i'm afraid this event only works for those going for War Mastery route, with their high reign points :(.

  • administrators

    Hi @romuel816!

    Yes, you will need to capture, release and capture more territory to gain more points. Once you've gotten the points from capturing the territory, you won't lose it if you release it.

    The event is also split between Castle levels, so if you're a lower level, you'll be against people of a similar level to yourself. Where as if you have a higher level Castle, you'll be against people of a similar high level.

  • Balls Of Odin

    Great to hear that! Thank you so much, Admin :D

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