Barrier, Repel, and Guard.

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    Hello there, fellow conquerors! Anyone here who knew what barrier, guard, and repel does? Other skills are well explained in the game , except for these three.

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    Hi @romuel816 , and welcome to Dark Empire!

    Here is a very quick description of the skills that you’ve listed.

    Barriers and Guards reduce damage.

    A Barrier will stop more damage than a Guard, but it should go after one hit.

    A Guard lasts until the turn ends (unless stated otherwise), they won’t stop as much damage as a Barrier, but should last longer.

    Please note that certain skills ignore one or both of these effects.

    A monster with a Repel effect will not be used as other monsters’ default target for skills and normal attacks (I am double checking my notes on this one though, so I may update later).

    I hope that helps!

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