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    Welcome Conqueror, to the world of Magna!

    You’ve just taken over your Castle and you have a whole world to conquer. But where do you start?

    Register your game

    Make sure you register your game. There’s a host of bonuses to registering, including being able to play on multiple devices and being able to protect your game in the event you lose your device.

    Join an Alliance

    There is power in numbers. Joining an Alliance means you can have powerful allies to help you in your quest. Your Alliance members can help bring down the duration of your upgrades and research. You can trade resources and they can help if someone tries to Subjugate you. Head to the Alliance forum to begin looking for an Alliance.


    If you’re not sure what to do, you can always do a few Quests. These will show you what you can do and they’ll give you rewards for completing them. Your next suggested Quest will always be shown.

    You can find your Quests and Quest Log when you are in your City, just above the Chat box in the bottom left corner.

    In the City

    Your City is the seat of your power and there’s much to build and research here.

    Try clicking on a few of the empty plots and see what you can build. You could start by building some of the Resource Production buildings in the outwall area, near the lava. Resources are key to building and upgrading your buildings, producing troops and Resources are needed for research too.

    Not sure what you need to upgrade or build something? The upgrade and build screens will tell you the requirements. If you don’t have what you need, the item will be highlighted red.

    Create and Build up your Units

    There are two parts to your Units, Commanders and Monsters.

    Hire Commanders

    Your Commanders Command your troops. Hire them by going to the Commander’s Hall in your City. You can see the Commander’s details by selecting them. Here you will be able to see which Monster Races they like and dislike and their Command ability. You will need Commander Points to be able to Hire more Commanders.

    Don’t have enough Commander Points? Level the Commander’s Hall and build Taverns in your City to get more

    Create Units

    Head to the Units screen to build your Units up. First, pick a Commander to run the Unit. Once you’ve put the Commander in, their Formation for the Monsters will open up. Each Commander will have a different Formation and set amount of Monsters they can have in them.

    Once your Commander is in, you can start adding Monsters. Try keeping the same Races together as they often have bonuses to working with each other. Try putting the Monsters in different places in the formation to see what works best for them. For example, if a Monster has a Range of 1, try them in one of the back rows and see the sort of damage they do, then try them in the front row of the formation and see how their damage changes. You can check the Battle Report in the Report section of the game to see how your Units fared in battle.

    Tip: Remember to check which Races the Commanders work best with by checking their details.

    The Map

    When you head to the Map, you will see the world is made up of territory. Click on a territory to get more information about it. Try taking some of the territory around your city by clicking on it, selecting Deploy and then choosing a Unit to send there. If your Unit wins, you’ll take over the territory.

    Tip: You can only take over territory that links to land you already own. If you don’t own the connecting territory, you will get a message to remind you.

    On the map you will find Monster Hordes to attack. If you win the battle, you’ll be rewarded with gems which you can use to get more Monsters. You can also gain a Recipe which you can use at the Mystic Shrine to craft equipment, but more on that in a little while.

    You can also find Ruins, Raid Bosses and Towers on the map as well. Defeating these will also give you rewards. Some will help you and others will help your Alliance.

    Get more Monsters

    You need Monsters to defeat your foes and defend your city. To get more Monsters you need gems. Gain gems from defeating objectives on the Map and by collecting Crystals from Residences in your City.

    When you have enough gems, simply go to the Monster Store or click on the gems directly to be taken to the gem Pack page to get your Monsters.

    Level and Build up your Troops

    Your Units will start at 100 troops per Monster. Build bigger troops by going to Production on the Monster Details screen of any Monster in a Unit. Producing troops will cost time and resources.

    Level up your Monsters and your Commanders by getting them to defeat objectives and by taking territory on the map.

    Tip: Did you know that you can attack territory you’ve already taken over? It’s a great way to start levelling low level troops by attacking low level territory you already own.

    Advance your Monsters

    It’s not just your Monsters level that you can raise. Each Monster has a particular set of skills that you can also level. Common Monsters have two skills that you can raise and Monsters that are Uncommon and up have three skills.

    To start with, only the first skill will be unlocked. You will have to get this skill raised to level three to unlock the second slot. For Uncommon and above, you must raise the first skill to level seven to unlock the last skill.

    Leveling Skills

    To level a Monster's Skill, you need to Fuse Monsters of the same type and rarity. To do this, go to your Units section in game, click on one of the Monsters stationed in your Units, and then click on the first skill. You should have a new dialogue box open that will tell you what the Skill does, what type of Skill it is and what Stat you need to improve it.

    If you have another Monster of the same type and rarity, the Fuse button will be active. Click this to be taken to the Fusion page where you can drag and drop a Monster to be consumed.

    Note: The consumed Monster will be destroyed whether the Fusion was successful or not. You will receive Souls from the consumed Monster, which can be used in leveling your Alliances Monument

    Acquiring Skills

    The second skill slot on all your Monsters will be empty to start with. You can add a skill to the slot via Acquiring a skill from another Monster. This Monster does not need to be the same type and rarity when Acquiring, but it does need to have the same skill type. Acquiring skills works much the same way as Fusing.

    Tip: You will be shown the Monsters you can Acquire Skills from. Be sure to check what Stat each Skill uses so you can match the new Skill up with what the Monster already uses. For Example, Undead Monsters regularly have Skills that use Intelligence, so try Acquiring a Skill that also uses Intelligence.


    You can craft equipment for your Conqueror. Different equipment will inspire your subjects and Monsters in different ways.

    To Craft equipment, first you must collect Recipes and Materials.

    To get Recipes, you must defeat Monster Hordes on the Map.

    To gain Materials, you must clear Ruins on the Map.

    Once you have your Recipes and Materials, head to the Mystic Shrine in your City to craft your equipment. There are five possible equipment slots, including head, chest, weapon, legs and feet. Select which slot you want to create an item for. On the next screen, select which item you want to craft by scrolling down the list on the left hand side.

    Tip: Did you know you can create higher level Materials by fusing 4 of the same Material? In the Mystic Shrine Inventory, head to Materials and just select the Material by clicking on it to open the Fuse dialogue box.

    Want to know more about any particular item here? Head to our Mega Thread where we have more in depth threads about Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire.

    See you in Magna!

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