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    Welcome and thank you for joining us in Magna! The forums are the place to discuss all things Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire. From feedback, to best Unit configuration, to Alliance chat.

    We do have a few rules and guidelines that we expect you to follow during your time here.

    Forum Guidelines

    Forum posts must contribute to the conversation and the content of the forums. They must provide help and be useful to other members where relevant.

    Do not personally attack, harass, embarrass, or threaten anyone.

    Do not swear or post offensive language. This includes masked swearing, misspelled and insinuated words.

    Do not re-post private messages without the express permission of the original sender/s.

    Please stay on topic when posting in threads.

    Do not bump or spam threads.

    Do not post multiple threads or posts on the same subject.

    Do not post or link to anything illegal.

    Any posts that mention warnings, bans or thread and post deletion and moderations etc. will be removed or locked and possible disciplinary action may be taken.

    Do not impersonate Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire or SEGA staff. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

    For your own safety, do not post or request any personal information. This includes but is not limited to: phone numbers, email addresses, and real world addresses.

    Please report any content you feel is inappropriate or that breaks the terms of service or terms and conditions.

    Please note that the Admin and Moderator’s decisions are final.

    Do not give out your password to anyone. No one at SEGA Hardlight will ever ask for your password.

    Any breach of the guidelines may result in a warning or in extreme cases, a ban from the forum and/or game. The admin and moderators reserve the right to modify, edit and delete posts and threads that breach the forum guidelines.

    We do not allow discussions about politics, religion, or other potentially sensitive topics.

    Please post in the language of the forum. Threads with unsupported languages are subject to closure without warning.

    These guidelines are subject to updates without notice. Please check back regularly to see any updates.

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