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    A Unit is made up of a commander and one or more monsters.

    Forming a Unit

    A Unit is made up of a commander and one or more monsters.

    It's usually a good idea to build a Unit around a particular monster Race, choosing a commander who has a positive affinity for that Race. This is because each monster of the same Race after the first adds a 5% bonus to Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Speed and Siege for all monsters of that Race in the Unit, while a commander who has a positive affinity for that Race increases that bonus by another 10%.

    The best Units aren't just high-level monsters with large Troop counts though. They need to be built to work together, using Skills to complement each other's strengths and protect each other's weaknesses.

    When you obtain new monsters, look at their stats and skills to get an idea for what role they could fulfil in battle. For example, high Attack and short Range usually means you want them on the front row dealing damage, while Intelligence will greatly affect the power of most Buffs and Debuffs.

    STRATEGY TIP: If you're struggling, ask an experienced player in your Alliance about their main Units. If you are defeated by an enemy player, look at your battle report and think about what each monster is doing. There's lots to learn!

    Improving a Unit

    When you have formed a Unit, you need to train it. Start by targeting low-level territory, and look at scout reports to get an idea of when you can move on to tougher opposition. When the monsters in a Unit are low on Stamina they won't earn EXP and will fight with reduced stats - use the time their Stamina is regenerating to produce more Troops so they're even stronger when they're ready to fight again. As you do this you will quickly increase the level of territory you can reliably beat, and in turn increase the EXP your monsters gain from each battle.

    Every time a monster gains a Level, it also gains a Stat Point. Spend a Stat Point to increase either Attack, Defense, Intelligence or Speed by 1. It's wise to put your points into the one or two stats that are most important to that monster's skills or role in battle. A Ghost with the skill Psychic Blast benefits from higher Intelligence for example.

    You can also put lower level monsters in a Unit with high level monsters and fight tougher enemies to increase their level more quickly.

    STRATEGY TIP: Remember you can level-up your monsters by attacking territory you or your allies already own. Do this to avoid wasting your Reign or antagonizing your enemies before you're ready to fight them.


    Battle takes place on a 4x3 grid. Damage from attacks is halved for each space beyond the attacking monster's range the target is.


    Each of your Units has a Cost limit. The total Cost of all monsters in a Unit must be less than or equal to that Cost limit.

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