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    There are two parts to leveling your Monsters.

    Level up!

    The first one is to fight with your monsters. Taking land, attacking land, attacking other things on the map and taking Monster Lairs in your City will help level your monsters up. Once they have gone up a level, you will have a Stat Point to spend on one of the four base stats, Attack, Defense, Intelligence and Speed.

    0_1478597409794_monster lvl up nov16.jpg

    If at any point, you are unhappy with where you placed your Stat Points, you can reset your Stats with either a token or Gold.

    0_1478597456857_monster reset stats nov16 700.jpg

    Leveling up Skills

    You can also level up your Monsters Skills.

    Click on a Monster and you will see it’s details. You can see the Skills box on the right hand side. Depending on the rarity of the card, it may have 2 (Common Monsters) or 3 (Uncommon and higher) skills to level up.

    0_1478597512856_skill slots nov16 700.jpg

    You must level up the monsters 1st skill before you can unlock the others.

    There are two ways to level up your monsters skills. Research and Skill Up! (aka Fusion). When using Research to up a skill level, you can research one level at a time which will cost resources and time.

    If you have duplicate monsters you can fuse them to level the skill up.

    To see if you can level up a monster skill, you simply need to look out for the wolf head with the green arrow on top of it. You can see them on the monster cards and on the skills themselves.

    0_1463482821178_monster green arrow.jpg

    To view more details on a Skill, click the down arrow next to the Skill name, where you can view more information about the skill and the current level. Under the description of the Skill, you can see the Fuse, Acquire and Research buttons.

    0_1478597596908_fuse and research nov16 700.jpg

    If you select Research, you will be taken to the Research Skill section, where you will see what you need to research the chosen skill and how long or how much it will cost.

    0_1478597636152_research skill nov16 700.png

    If you select Fuse you will be taken to the Fusion page.

    0_1478597682972_fuse nov16 700.jpg

    The monster you are leveling up is on the right hand side. The monsters on the left are the ones that can be used to level up the skill.

    Please note: Any monster you use for this will be consumed and removed from your inventory, whether the fusion was successful or not. You will gain souls whatever the outcome.

    Once you have selected a monster for consumption, you will have a choice of using Gold or Silver ingame currency to complete the fusion and the percentage chance of success. If fusion is not successful on the first attempt, you will be given the chance at another go at the cost of some Gold.

    Acquiring Skills

    Acquiring skills is similar to Fusing skills. You can acquire skills on empty slots and replace skills on non-native skills.

    If you select a skill or an open empty slot, you will be taken to the Skill Details box. If there is no skill there currently, you will be able to Acquire a skill from another monster. If it is a non-native skill, you will be able to replace it if you so choose.

    0_1478597758948_acquire nov16 700.jpg

    [Edit: Faya 08/11/2016 - Updated images and text]

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