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    The monsters you collect and train make up your army.

    Every monster has the following attributes:

    There are eight monster Races: the four basic Races - Bug, Beast, Demihuman and Undead; and the four higher Races - Cryptid, Giant, Demon and Dragon.

    Races tend to be stronger in certain stats or strategies, and weaker in others.

    Different Races also require different combinations of resources and time for Troop production and Skill Research.

    There are four levels of Rarity: Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R) and Super Rare (SR).

    Rarer monsters tend to be both more powerful and more difficult to obtain.

    It costs more resources and time to perform Skill Research and produce Troops for monsters of higher Rarity.

    Higher-level monsters are generally stronger. Increase a monster's Level by fighting battles - EXP towards the next Level is earned based on the damage your Unit inflicts on the enemy in battle. When a monster's Level increases, so too do all of its primary stats.

    Monsters with a higher Attack will deal more damage with their normal attacks and with most skills.

    Monsters with a higher Defense will receive less damage from enemy attacks.

    Monsters with higher Intelligence are more effective with many skills - check skill descriptions to see where Intelligence is a factor.

    In each round of battle, monsters take turns in order from highest Speed to lowest. The monster with the lowest Speed in a Unit determines how quickly it marches on the Map.

    Battle takes place on a 4x3 grid. Damage from attacks is halved for each space beyond the attacking monster's range the target is.

    Troops function as a significant modifier to the power of a monster's attacks and skills, and as a monster's health. When Troops reach 0, the monster is defeated. A monster which begins a battle with 0 Troops will not be included in the Unit.

    When a monster is assigned to a Unit, its Troops are counted against the Troop Capacity of the Castle or Ark it is housed in. You can increase your Castle's capacity by building and upgrading Monster Barracks, and that of an Ark by upgrading its Dock.

    Each of your Units has a Cost limit. The total Cost of all monsters in a Unit must be less than or equal to that Cost limit. Monsters with higher Cost tend to be more powerful.

    Each time a monster arrives at the target of an attack deployment, it will lose Stamina based on the distance it travelled to get there. If it loses all of its Stamina it will suffer a penalty to Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Speed and Siege based on how far below 0 its Stamina is and will not earn any EXP from the battle.

    If there are multiple waves to the deployment, Stamina is only lost for the first wave fought.

    Stamina automatically recovers over time. The higher a monster's Level, the longer this takes. If below 0, Stamina will still recover from 0.

    Every monster has a Native Skill which cannot be replaced with Acquire, but can be Acquired by other monsters.

    Every monster has an Empty Slot which - once unlocked by increasing the Skill Level of the Native Skill - can be replaced by a Skill of matching type using Acquire.

    UC, R and SR monsters also have a third Skill, unlocked by increasing the Skill Level of the Native Skill, which can be replaced with Acquire but cannot be Acquired by other monsters.

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    0_1478789787862_Counters Monster Details nov16 700.jpg

    1: Create a Bookmark - Create Bookmarks to share with other players and friends in game.

    2: Favorite button - Have a fave Monster? Hit the star to Favorite it and make it easier to find.

    3: Sacrifice - You can Sacrifice your Monsters to gain Souls. This permanently removes the Monster from your collection. You can donate Souls to advance your Alliances Monument.

    4: Monster Type, Cost and Name - The Monsters Race is shown as a distinctive icon and colour banner with the Cost above the Monster Race icon.

    5: Stats - These are your monsters statistics.

    6: Skills - Each Monster has two skills with UC, R and SR Monsters having up to three skills.
    Tapping on the arrow next to the Skill will let you see more details, including the Fuse, Acquire and Research buttons.

    7: Stamina - Your Monster's Stamina and how long for it to recover.

    8: Level - The Monsters Level.

    9: Rarity Level - There are four levels of Rarity: Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R) and Super Rare (SR).

    10: Level Up! - Once your monster has gained enough XP, you will be able to level them up and you’ll have a point to spend on Attack, Defense, Intelligence or Speed.

    11: Total Troops and Production - Most Monsters have an initial Troop count of 100. You can get more Troops by selecting Production.

    12: XP bar - How much XP your monster needs to level up.

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